Who's the loneliest of them all?

你好〜!My name is Dimitra-Maria {you can call me Miria if you like} and I am 15 years old. I'm Greek from the side of my mother and Belgian from the side of my father's side, but recently I moved in Romania. I can speak Greek, French, English and I'm currently learning Romanian and Chinese.
I'm quite of an anime/manga addict (if you haven't noticed yet) so don't be surprised if I post stuff about anime or manga all the time. (^ - ^)
I also really like to write (fan fictions mostly) and draw so I might (or not) post some of my works here some time... (if I don't and you're interested you can check my deviantART).
I guess tha't it for now, feel free to ask me anything you like and I hope you'll like my plog~ (^ ω ^) 再见〜!

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appy White Day~

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kuroshitsuji covers

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the cutest killer
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That one time, Paige O’hara (the voice of Belle) premiered the Beauty and the Beast limited edition replicas I designed for the Disney Stores. :)

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"Oops I accidentally modeled" specially brought to you by the 104th Trainees Squad

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Classic Levi (^^;)
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Levi Ackerman | Acwnr Special Chapter
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ACWNR Special Chapter Levi

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A Choice With No Regrets: Special Chapters 3&4


Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today we bring you two new special chapters! Make sure to check the both out, we really enjoyed them and hope you do as well.

Don’t forget that volume 2 of A Choice With No Regrets comes out on August 8th! We will finally release special chapter 2 once we have our hands on our copy, as well as any other goodies in volume 2.

If you have any feedback about this chapter or any of our releases, feel free to contact us on Tumblr or email us at contact@horizonscans.com. We’d love to hear from you.


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SNK 60.

You are a MAD MAN
Perhaps I AM.
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